ADR and mediation in 2018

Hasan SadikAlternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Mediation

mediation in 2018

The Resolution People are committed to raising the profile and sharing the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and more specifically mediation. Mediation brings parties together and through a process of mediated meetings and constructive dialogue, seeks to find a solution to appease all parties. That is something that cannot be achieved in a court of law. The fact that all parties agree to the resolution means it is far more likely to be successful in the long term. Longevity of agreements and the conciliatory nature of mediation, play a large part its appeal.

Large cases of mediation

This year, the UK has seen many new high profile cases of mediation in practice. Royal Mail used mediation to address an employment dispute, which could have cost millions of pounds in lost revenue if planned strikes had not been intervened by the process. This is obviously a very high profile case but on a smaller level, mediation has an even bigger role to play.

Small cases of mediation

Deep rooted divisions are becoming commonplace in our society, and with a burgeoning – and some might say, archaic – legal system failing to help, many people are looking for other ways of settling disagreements. Whether it be related to property, such as boundary, neighbourhood or right of way disputes; or highly contentious issues like inheritance disagreements, the prominence of mediation has never been more relevant.

Benefits of mediation and its potential growth in 2018

We advocate mediation because we truly believe the benefits are so plentiful. There is an abundance of reasons why it is sensible to consider it as a viable option for resolving a dispute, not least the cost. This year the civil justice court made quite a case for mediation, raising its profile and investing in research that could see it grow exponentially in the coming year.

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