Employment Disputes – Mediation for Wrongful Dismissal

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wrongful dismissal

A key area of employment dispute that can be solved through mediation is wrongful dismissal. In legal terms, this is a claim for a breach of the employment contract entered into by both the employee and the employer. It differs from the term ‘unfair dismissal’ which is recognised as a statutory right and is ordinarily relevant for employees that have … Read More

Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

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conflict resolution

We are a nation of workaholics. On average, UK employees spend 35 hours working every single week. During this time, we are surrounded by and required to collaborate with colleagues from all different backgrounds. The environment in which we work has a significant impact on our mental and physical well being. The relationships that we form, the competition that we … Read More

Mediation in cases of contested adverse possession

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contested adverse possession

Adverse possession is a law that allows someone to apply to become the registered owner of a piece of land or a property because they have occupied it for a sustained period of time, despite not having the owner’s permission. To many, it is surprising that a law allowing people to obtain title to land or property based solely on … Read More

Mediation as an effective method employment dispute resolution

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employment disputes

Every successful organisation will strive to employ a happy workforce. After all, happy staff are one of the keys to success. But minor problems or disagreements between staff or staff and management, are common. Not dealt with quickly or effectively, these can develop into grievances or employment disputes. In these situations, mediation could offer a solution. Workplace conflict Conflict between … Read More